A few words from the Creator

I decided to create this blog after graduating from Cardiff University with a First-Class Honours degree in English Literature. Having always loved the Arts, I decided that I would translate this love only into further postgraduate study, but also into sharing and publishing my ideas on a public platform. With publication becoming ever more competitive and graduates finding it increasingly difficult to get their views expressed through more traditional avenues of publishing, I decided to create a multi-authored blog that has content created by a series of regular contributing writers. This not only gives the blog a large variety of content, but also allows for both a greater diversity of opinion and a way for our views to be broadcast to a wider audience.

It is my great wish that this blog will prove (hopefully!) to inspire a range of people, from the casual reader to the academic, to view the primary works used in our discussions in new ways. Along with the other members of the team here at The Literature Blog, I hope you will enjoy the blog posts that will be featured over the coming months. To keep up to date, please feel free to hit the follow button. And from all of us here, welcome to The Literature Blog!

Written by Steph Reeves
© The Literature Blog, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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